When developing anything, not just software, the user interface is always very important.  What ever it is, the user interface defines:

  • What we think of it - is it robust, polished, easy to use, powerful etc.
  • The ways in which we can use it.
  • Where and when we will us it
  • Much more...

For some products, the user interface is very important, for others, the user interface IS the product.

Take a CAD package for instance.  A good user interface will make it a pleasure to use.  Even with a poor user interface, I will still use the product because what it can produce for me can be very valuable. 

With a Todo List however, the processing is trivial.  The system is purely a means to allow us to perform a trivial task, only better.  What do we mean by better?  It could be many things but whatever it is it is the user interface that will either allow it or hinder it.

That's why with TodoListMe the interface has been something we have spent a lot of time tinkering with and polishing and why we will continue to do so.  Until we have the minimum amount of friction and the maximum amount of intuitiveness there is more work to be done.

How important is the user interface in your work?